Art of Negotiation

Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is one of the most important business skills of a modern leader. Employees, suppliers, customers, or managers can act as negotiating partners.

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16 часы
Training for 7-8 or more people? Customize trainings for your specific needs
Art of Negotiation
16 часы
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Training for 7-8 or more people? Customize trainings for your specific needs


Negotiation is one of the most important business skills of a modern leader. Employees, suppliers, customers, or managers can act as negotiating partners. After the training, business negotiations will no longer be a problem for you and will become what they should be - an effective tool for defending your interests in business and building partnerships.

You will learn:

• How to find leverage on a partner and resist pressure?

• How can conflict be avoided and the needs of all participants met in the negotiation process?

• How can we participate in negotiations when the opposite side has significantly more resources?

Business negotiation training will help you achieve mutual understanding with a negotiating partner, avoid manipulation by him/her, and come to profitable agreements while maintaining the nature of the partnership. Even if your resources are limited, you will learn to use them as efficiently as possible for the best possible negotiation results.

After completing the course, a certificate
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  • Understand the underlying principles of negotiation and learn what you can do to get the best outcome
  • Use a negotiation strategy that moves you closer to a win/win outcome
  • Prepare for negotiation by following a step-by-step approach and setting your critical limits
  • Use a set of psychological tactics to explore the other side’s motives and learn how to respond to tactics used by them
  • Derive specific values based on your negotiation variables and use them to bargain systematically over your settlement range
  • Finalize the outcome of your negotiation to get exactly what you have asked for

Target Audience

Leaders of all levels as well as specialists in negotiations


  • Not required
  • Negotiation experience preferred


Introduction to Negotiation

Why do you need to negotiate?

What types of negotiations exist?

What are the characteristics of a confident negotiator?

How to handle conflicts in negotiations

What steps do you need to go through when negotiating?

What is the difference between negotiation and persuasion?

Negotiation Strategy

What outcome should you aim for?

How to perform Outcome Analysis

What is the best negotiation strategy?

Should you bargain over positions explicitly?

What is principled negotiation?

What strategies can you use to take the upper hand in negotiations?

What can you do to move the negotiation forward when you think it is getting stuck?

How to Negotiate

What is the 8-Step negotiation preparation guide?

How to discuss negotiation variables

How to set your selling or buying limits systematically

How to manage your Settlement Range

How to manage concessions when you give them or receive them

How to break deadlocks

How to settle a negotiation to get what you asked for

How to close a negotiation

Emotions in Negotiations

How to handle negotiations emotionally

How to bargain effectively

How to take advantage of human emotional reaction and use that to your benefit

How to take advantage of body language

How to express your disagreement while maintaining the relationship

Handling Psychological Tactics in Negotiations

What are psychological tactics used in negotiations, and how do we respond to them

How to handle an angry negotiator

How to respond to shock tactics

How to big up your side of the negotiation and bring down theirs

How to handle their lack of authority to proceed

How do you respond when you are given only one choice

How to handle a demanding negotiator

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