New trainings, new skills to develop

New trainings, new skills to develop

We’ve developed and added new trainings dedicated to professionals working in the IT&C industry, to our portfolio.
Four brand new courses are now available for those who are interested in upgrading their skills. Whether you are a business analyst, business consultant, web developer or a data analyst you can benefit from the expertise or our trainers and content developed based on the challenges that those involved in complex IT projects face every day. Check them our below.

UML Modeling with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Working with UML diagrams is explored through hands-on exercises, each of which is devoted to building one diagram type as a part of a whole project. Skills learned during the training will also be useful in mastering other notations supported by the product.

Business process modeling with BPMN 2.x

We will focus on the study of graphical notation and the rules of BPMN model construction. You’ll learn the application rules for the graphic elements of the language, study the types of BPMN diagrams and discover the possibilities of automatic execution of the constructed models.

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TypeScript Programming

TypeScript was selected as a main language for the Angular framework, and nowadays it is widely used for React development and for building any enterprise-level Frontend applications. It gives you the possibility to use the syntax which is closer to languages like Java or C#, and allows you to write more accurate, convenient, and easy to maintain code.

MS Power BI Basics

In our training you’ll learn about the key tools that can assist you in designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming that data, and enabling analytical capabilities that provide meaningful business value via easy-to-comprehend data visualizations.

Check out our training schedule to see all the courses we’ve programmed.

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