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[ARC-004] Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
This is a training course on corporate application development. The course contains a detailed description of specific typical solutions. Each solution contains information on the application and basic aspects of implementation.

[ADM-022] AWS IaaS/PaaS Introduction
This training covers the basic services of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform: IAM, EC2, S3, VPC, VPN, ELB, RDS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail. It will allow you to design and deploy projects in AWS.

[BI-001] MS Power BI: Basics
This training covers some practical methods for creating and managing reports for business users by preparing data and visualizing information.

[FIN-012] Introduction to CFA Program
The webinar is designed for someone who wants to deepen their knowledge in the Financial domain and, perhaps, heard and considers applying for the CFA Program but needs introductory information, which will help in conscious decision making.

[WEB-023] React Advanced
This training is aimed at experienced React Developers and focuses on the more advanced topics related to this programming language.

[SQA-051] Test Automation: BDD Testing with Cucumber
Courses on the fundamentals of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Gherkin, and Cucumber blend theoretical concepts with practical exercises. It provides an overview of BDD methodologies, teaches Gherkin syntax for clear test cases, and demo

[WEB-022] Angular Advanced
This course continues the basic Angular course and is intended for developers who already have experience of using this framework. It focuses on advanced themes, which will enable you to increase the efficiency of development and improve th

[SQA-052] REST API Test Automation
This course offers an introduction to automated testing – students will learn in practice how to design and develop automated tests for REST services by using Rest Assured and Retrofit 2 libraries.

[SCRIPT-006] Python Advanced

[JVA-075] Spring Advanced
How to use Spring REST, HATEOAS and CORS, documenting REST services, serializing and limiting the data passed to the client and more.

[WEB-024] JavaScript Advanced
This training gives a deeper understanding of JavaScript’s complicated features, syntax constructions and inner mechanisms. It will be useful for developers who already have experience in JavaScript.

[JVA-083 ] Kafka Fundamentals for Java Developers
Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform. Its unique design shows usefulness in a plethora of applications dealing with large streams of data. This course will introduce Apache Kafka to Java developers, making sur

[SQA-033] Introduction to Performance Testing
This theoretical course offers an introduction and in-depth look at Performance Testing, covering essential concepts, test planning, data preparation, and execution strategies. It emphasizes the importance of realistic test scenarios, under

[SQA-050] Test Automation. Selenium WebDriver
Explore the dynamic world of web automation with our WebDriver course, designed to transform beginners into skilled automation testers. Learn how to automate web applications efficiently using Selenium WebDriver, mastering the fundamentals

[887] Web

[268] Migrating from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5: replacing rules with the extension model. Part 1
JUnit 5 Jupiter is the combination of the new programming model (annotations, classes, methods) and extension model for writing tests and extensions in JUnit 5. The Jupiter sub-project provides a test engine for running Jupiter based tests

[269] Migrating from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5: replacing rules with the extension model. Part 2
Time to focus on the new Junit 5 approach in our second article of the series where we talk about migrating from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5. Check it out.

[283] Dependency Injection and Testing in JUnit 5. Part 3
The last article in our series on dependency injection and testing in JUnit 5. This time we look at parameterized tests.

[281] Dependency Injection and Testing in JUnit 5. Part 2
It's time for the second article in our series about Dependency Injection and Testing in JUnit 5. This time we look at repeated tests.

[280] Dependency Injection and Testing in JUnit 5
Abstract: The article discusses the new possibilities to provide parameters to JUnit 5 unit tests, through dependency injection. We present how this may be effectively done, how to use different parameter resolvers, how to write repeated an

[EAS-026] Kafka Fundamentals
An intro training on Apache Kafka, the open-source distributed event streaming platform. We’ll look at the architectural features of Kafka that enable high-performance data delivery.

[WEB-021] Angular Development

[SQA-011] Performance testing with Jmeter®
This training teaches the main principles of working with this tool, as well as its capabilities in assessing the performance and load testing of web-applications, DB and services.

[2] Luxoft-training

[WEB-017] Node.JS Development
Course contains all necessary information for building web applications with NodeJS including Express, REST, MongoDb, and many other topics.

[EAS-028] Databricks Fundamentals
Databricks is an increasingly popular platform for big data processing and analysis. Our Databricks Fundamentals course is a great way to start if you want to improve your skills in this area.

[615] Sonkin

[WEB-015] TypeScript Programming
TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language which is built on top of JavaScript. It includes a typing system to facilitate the validation of JavaScript applications.

[WEB-001] Introduction to Programming with JavaScript
An introduction to programming using JavaScript. It covers introductory HTML and CSS and the main JavaScript structures and concepts.

[SQA-002] Web Application Testing
This course is dedicated to the specifics of web application testing. It deals with basic concepts and features of web applications, architecture and technologies used in their development, as well as problems that arise during various type

[SECR-010] Major Vulnerabilities in Web Application Security
This course is built as a detailed description with hands-on experience of today’s most common vulnerabilities: from OWASP Top-10 2021. Trainees will learn methods of static (including SAST) and dynamic (including DAST) identification an

[ARC-013] Enterprise Integration
The main focus of training is on asynchronous messaging through queues and integration patterns, and describing the basic elements of solutions built on classic message queues, such as IBM MQ, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, and modern tools such as Ka

[SCRIPT-008] Data Analysis Tools in Python
This training course will cover various applications of Python for data analysis: regular expressions, data collection via HTTP, using NumPy and Pandas libraries for data analysis, and matplotlib for visualization. During the training, you

[WEB-007] JavaScript development
In this training we look at JavaScript (EcmaScript 2015+), using JavaScript for working in browsers (UI events, manipulating HTML with DOM CSS), JavaScript modules (NPM, Webpack), working with the server (HTTP protocol, REST, AJAX, Axios, W

[JVA-079] Java Microservices
This course covers the topic of developing microservices in Java. It starts from architectural principals of splitting an application into microservices, then discusses the communication of microservices via different protocols, as well c

[JVA-074] Java Advanced: Functional, Asynchronous, and Reactive Programming
This training focuses on the contemporary functional, asynchronous, and reactive approaches to Java development. It covers the examination of NIO2, CompletableFurure, RxJava, Reactor, R2DBC, SSE, Spring Data reactive, WebClient, reactive We

[JVA-038] Spring MVC. Spring Boot
This training covers Spring MVC, one of the most popular Web-frameworks and Spring Boot, a special framework for rapid Spring-based applications development. During this course participants will learn and develop several Spring MVC Web-appl

[JVA-034] RESTful Web Services
This course is dedicated to RESTful web services development on the Java platform using JAX-RS and Spring MVC.

[JVA-013] Spring Security
This training offers participants an overview of the framework. You will learn how to build secured enterprise J2EE application using Spring Security framework.

[JVA-009] Developing a Business Application Using JEE
This training introduces participants to the distributed computing performed with the help of Enterprise Java EE.

[EAS-018] MongoDB For Programmers
This course delves into topics crucial for professional MongoDB use in practice, such as documenting NoSQL schemas, data indexing and optimization, transactions in MongoDB, implementing and managing role-based access control, working with t

[REQ-070] Software Integration Essentials
In this course participants will learn the basics of approaches, technologies, and standards for systems integration, without diving deeply into the technical details.

[REQ-028] Effective Development of User Documentation
We cover the process of creating user documentation for software products, such as document structure, the rules for outlining and formatting, and documentation quality criteria.

[620] Tudose

[847] Amazon Web Services (AWS)

[WEB-004] Advanced Use of XML, XPath, Altova®
The course describes the methods for retrieving the required information from XML with the help of XPath, the difference between XPath1.0 and XPath2.0 and the methods of transforming XML with the help of XPath.

[384] How to debug and solve the issue of Datanodes which were reported as Bad nodes?
In our project, we hаve reаl time streаm оf dаtа/events аvаilаble in Kаfkа рrоduсed by multiрle entities(think оf соnneсted саrs, fleet оf IоT deviсes etс.,) аnd we wаnted tо stоre thоse dаtа in neаr reаl time(within а minute) in rаw fоrm s

[SQA-047] Test automation using Cucumber
This training is developed to help you become familiar with the gherkin and cucumber frameworks designed for Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

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