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[67] The most important aspects to consider when creating an Automation strategy and plan
You have just made your case to upper management regarding test automation and your proposal has been accepted. Surprisingly, they were excited about how your automation plan can move testing much faster. Or, upper management simply asked y

[69] Personal project methodology
Do you sometimes wonder about the methodology you as a leader must select for a project? Do you ask yourself whether it will lead to the success of the project or not?

[70] Personal project methodology-part 2
In the first part of the article we talked about a system for selecting a proper project management methodology. In the second part we will look at the benefits of this particular system.

[71] No Need for a Grid
Every enterprise application features some sort of the grid. A grid being is an interactive table that presents a list of data with rows and columns. The most used features of the grid are paging, sorting and filtering. There are a lot of

[73] Finding time to assess
There are many situations when you need to assess a project but the time you are allocated is not enough. Below are a few ideas on how you can find the extra time, so you do not have to reduce the quality of your assessment process.

[74] Choosing the right technology for you project
Many of us have faced the challenge of choosing the optimal technology to develop a software product. The importance of this task cannot be underestimated. After all, the technology you choose will ultimately determine the funding that will

[75] What are your requirements?
Why do we as testers spend so much time with functional requirements? What about the rest of the requirements which are numerous and important as well?

[77] On Software Development and the Book “Applying UML and Patterns”
A standard learning process has an interesting feature. Once we decide to learn something new, we start reading textbooks, attending courses and obtaining new knowledge by all available means. After some time we say “Enough!” to ourselves,

[78] On the Role of Assemblies
There was an ongoing discussion on the Internet on when to create .NET assemblies in an application and when not to. There was also another debate on what constitutes a layer and what constitutes a tier. The discussion of the latter issue h

[79] 10 things you didn't know you could do with the Oracle database
In the world of enterprise software development we can see a steady tendency in moving business logic from the database tier to the application tier. Many factors influenced this, but the main one, in my opinion, is portability. Modern appl

[80] A short guide for newly appointed managers: The things to watch for
One of the first things I remember when I got my new job as a manager is the constant flow of congratulations, emails, smiley faces, likes, endorsements and even a salary raise together with a slightly bigger office.

[81] Join us to the webinar "Facilitating conversations and decision-making"
During this webinar we will discover how to make the right decisions and give feedback.

[84] Luxoft Training Bucharest hosts Java event
Because Java and Luxoft always go well together on the 25th of June we once again welcomed the members of Bucharest Java User Group for their monthly meeting. The presenter for this event was Ionut Balosin, Technical Leader at Luxoft and th

[49] Interview with Joe Rainsberger
New interview with the Canadian software development consultant Joe Rainsberger

[54] Luxoft Training is an Endorsed Education Provider by the International Institute of Business Analysis
For the third year in a row Luxoft Training has received the status of Endorsed Education Provider (EEP ™) from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA ®). This status confirms the compliance of the training courses offered b

[57] Software Development Methods part 2
In the first part of the article regarding the similarities between Sun Tzu’s Art of War and software development we talked about how you should make sure that you show incremental results in order to build team confidence and about focusin

[61] Time Management for IT Projects – 9 common mistakes and how to avoid them
Mistake 1: Life without plans In spite of frequent changes appearing in the IT business anyone who wants to be successful should have a documented To-do list (day, week and month). No matter what system you use – MS Project, Excel or not

[63] How do you become a professional tester?
The role of "tester" is now one of the most popular jobs in the software industry. While programming is taught in higher education institutions, testing unfortunately is seldom found in the curriculum. But if you choose to go down this prof

[18] Disciplined Agile Delivery Framework
Free webinar by Scot W. Ambler on November 26th.

[29] Luxoft Training assists to prepare for the BABOK certification
Luxoft Training has received the status of Endorsed Education Provider (EEP ™) of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA ®), that confirms the compliance of the training courses, offered by Luxoft Training to the Busin

[30] FREE seminar Financial Data Integration – Romania, Bucharest, 23 September, 2014
Luxoft Training is glad to invite you to the seminar “Financial Data Integration” which will take place on September 23, 2014 in Bucharest. 

[31] Interview with Dino Esposito, the author of the book “Microsoft .NET: Architecting applications for the enterprise”
Luxoft Training presents an interview with Dino Esposito a .Net-guru, author of many books on .Net-programming, technical evangelist of Android development and Kotlin in JetBrains. In the interview Dino is talking about his master class &ld

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