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[235] Some Useful Habits of a Leader. Part 3
The last part of our article on useful habits a leader can have. Enjoy.

[243] BDD as a programming technique - webinar recording
Check out our webinar recording where we talked about BDD as a programming technique.

[225] Developing TDD applications with Junit 5 – webinar video
Check out the recording of our Junit 5 webinar, where we discuss about Test Driven Development principles and the importance of developing software in the TDD style.

[230] Most popular courses in 2018
Last year we looked at the most popular courses in 2017. This year we want to continue the tradition and let you know which were the most sought after courses in 2018 for our locations in Romania and Poland.

[231] JUnit 5 – Assertions and Assumptions. Part 1
Abstract: JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. The JUnit 5 version has been redesigned to solve some particular problems of the previous versions. It comes with a new architecture, and with a lot of new featu

[216] JUnit 5 – New Architecture, New Features
The article would like to be a short introduction to JUnit 5, to provide the reader the possibility to understand the new architecture and new capabilities and to be able to explore further.

[217] JUnit 5 – usage and first test
How to use JUnit 5 in a Java project, differences between JUnit 4 and JUnit 5 and testing with JUnit5.

[218] JUnit 5 – features
The third and last article of our three part serieson JUnit. This time we look at its features.

[198] Preparing for the future at Bucharest Technology Week
Predicting the future is a challenging prospect but what we do know for sure is that technology will play a big part in it. The future was also the main theme behind this year’s edition of Bucharest Technology Week, the largest urban techno

[200] Remote Management. Trust
In our last article we talked about some of the common challenges that might appear when managing a distributed team. If you have a closer look at such situations and try to find something common about them, you will notice that they are al

[185] Spring JDBC Development - Using Spring
In our first article we started talking about how to write DAOs with the help of Spring. Let’s continue.

[188] Lively ReactNative Brings Summer Colors into the “Bloody Enterprise”
In this article I would like to discuss Enterprise development. My articles are usually devoted to mobile development, and this one will deal with MobileEnterprise development. I believe that the best Enterprise solution for Mobile is React

[191] Weapons of Math Destruction
We live in a time where technology is progressing at an outstanding pace. High tech and Big Data increasingly influence our daily life. But is this influence always positive? Are new technologies making our world better, more comfortable to

[171] The New IIBA Certification System
A new business analyst certification system of the International Institute of Business Analysis became effective on September 30, 2016 (IIBA, International Institute of Business Analysis). In this article I would like to give an overview of

[182] Spring JDBC Development – A Practical Approach
The general architecture of an application includes a few layers, as presented into the picture below:

[159] Accessibility Testing: Color Blindness
Accessibility testing is one of the types of usability testing. Its purpose is to ensure that our product is user friendly and easy to use, including for people with various disabilities and peculiarities of perception. These can be problem

[146] BABOK Guide v3: What’s New?
Now, it’s finally come true – as of September 30, 2016, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) launches their new certification program based on BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) Guide Version 3. The new BABO

[152] Possible Ways to Build Mobile Applications
This article tackles possible methods of creating mobile applications. Today, there are two very popular platforms: iOS and Android. Windows’ popularity, unfortunately, remains inside the margin of error.

[155] Documentation in Pictures
Today I want to confess my faults as a programmer.

[130] Instruments and financial markets
In order to understand the types of financial instruments and how they work it’s important to first of all understand the different types of financial markets out there. Some financial instruments can be traded on certain markets while othe

[140] Instruments and financial markets – part 3
Another way of dividing financial instruments is between spot market financial instruments (which we talked about in the previous article) and derivatives. These are financial instruments whose price depends on an underlying asset – an inst

[105] Mixing different responsibilities for the same role
Combining different roles in project teams helps with budget saving and optimizing the workload of the team. However one person can’t have too many roles. But often the desire to save money and optimize produces some strange combinations of

[88] How to grow from a team leader to a project manager in IT?
I’ve often been asked this question by Team Leads (TLs) who already work in IT. How can these Team Leads become project managers? This article isn’t about people in Tech Lead positions, which, in my view, is no different from the Team Lead

[91] A little trick when working with ConcurrentDictionary
ConcurentDictionary has one specific feature: in some cases it may not behave exactly as you'd expect. Here is a small example. Let's say we need to do some small caching so that the results of an expensive calculation be taken from the cac

[93] Scrum Basics: what is Scrum and how to use it?
Scrum is simple, but not easy. It’s very similar to a poker game with very simple rules, but it is not very easy to play and win. During this one hour webinar we will provide you with an overview of Scrum so that you get a general idea of w

[101] How to develop secure programs?
News technology websites are constantly inundating us with articles about various security and data breaches leading to the loss of mountains of sensitive information. Today’s programmer not only has to develop good software solutions but h

[102] Working in different time zones
Nowadays a lot of software development teams are globally located which means that project managers have to learn to work with people who live in different countries and cities. Each country tends to have its own work calendars and holidays

[66] Java EE 7 Master Class organized by Luxoft Training
On the 17th and 19th of February Luxoft Training hosted a webinar master class with Adam Bien, one of the world’s foremost experts on Java. Adam has been working with Java since 1995 and is a regular speaker at various industry conferences.

[69] Personal project methodology
Do you sometimes wonder about the methodology you as a leader must select for a project? Do you ask yourself whether it will lead to the success of the project or not?

[70] Personal project methodology-part 2
In the first part of the article we talked about a system for selecting a proper project management methodology. In the second part we will look at the benefits of this particular system.

[71] No Need for a Grid
Every enterprise application features some sort of the grid. A grid being is an interactive table that presents a list of data with rows and columns. The most used features of the grid are paging, sorting and filtering. There are a lot of

[72] KPI’s and conflicts of interest
Are there any KPI which affect the personal interests of the manager but can also lead to a win-win situation? The answer is no. Once there are KPI’s that affect the interest of the manager we will surely have a situation where the manager

[76] Dev Labs 2015 – Java Conference
On the 23rd of May Soft Labs and Luxoft Training hosted Dev Labs 2015, the first online English conference for Java developers where more than 210 people from countries such as Russia, Romania, Poland and Ukraine took part.

[78] On the Role of Assemblies
There was an ongoing discussion on the Internet on when to create .NET assemblies in an application and when not to. There was also another debate on what constitutes a layer and what constitutes a tier. The discussion of the latter issue h

[79] 10 things you didn't know you could do with the Oracle database
In the world of enterprise software development we can see a steady tendency in moving business logic from the database tier to the application tier. Many factors influenced this, but the main one, in my opinion, is portability. Modern appl

[81] Join us to the webinar "Facilitating conversations and decision-making"
During this webinar we will discover how to make the right decisions and give feedback.

[82] Join us to the webinar "Setting Facilitation Context", July 7
During this webinar we will explore team performance model and protection cycle.

[83] Facilitating Chartering Activities - webinar
The Facilitating Chartering Activities webinar is part of our ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation series.

[85] Controlling your systems with Puppet
Even if it may seem so, keeping a correct configuration on all your systems is not a trivial task. And, more than that, it is also a very important one. Regardless of their role - development environments, regression test beds, production s

[38] Web application development by using JavaScript and AngularJS
Luxoft Training offers to attend the online training “Web application development by using JavaScript and AngularJS”, that will be held on December, 8–11.

[47] FREE webinar "Quantitative Finance: Options Pricing"
The course provides the foundation of options pricing.

[10] Test Labs 2013: Online conference in Test Automation
Take part in our free Test Labs online conference dedicated to test automation, an area that is wrongly underestimated and disputed.

[11] Luxoft Training is expanding globally: now trainings are delivered to external clients in the Polish, Romanian, and English languages
In our new Luxoft Training offices in Poland and Romania, we offer you a wide range of courses, comprehensive and advanced knowledge, and opportunity to learn from lead software development professionals.

[14] Luxoft celebrates five years on the Romanian market
București, 29 July 2013 – Luxoft, a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, is celebrating a five year anniversary of successful operation in Romania. Luxoft Romania,

[16] IT Stars To Perform At Luxoft Technology Series Webinars
Luxoft Technology Series (LTS) - a unique, interactive project from one of the ITO sector leaders in Central Eastern Europe will be launched on October 30th. LTS is a series of free webinars with the participation of international IT stars,

[18] Disciplined Agile Delivery Framework
Free webinar by Scot W. Ambler on November 26th.

[20] IT Star Talks Modularity As The Ultimate Tool Enabling Change At Luxoft’s Technology Webinar Series
Moscow, Russia – January 18, 2013 – Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT), a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, announces its third IT Star: Paul Bakker to perform on January 29th

[24] The 2014 edition of 4Developers Conference took place on 7 April 2014 in Warsaw at the Gromada Airport Hotel.
4Developers is a technical conference intended for developers, architects, testers, coders, team leaders, project managers, IT departments, as well as all IT students.

[29] Luxoft Training assists to prepare for the BABOK certification
Luxoft Training has received the status of Endorsed Education Provider (EEP ™) of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA ®), that confirms the compliance of the training courses, offered by Luxoft Training to the Busin

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