Java EE 7 Testing, Deployment, Automation and Code Quality

Java EE 7 Testing, Deployment, Automation and Code Quality
8 hours
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8 hours
Training for 7-8 or more people? Customize trainings for your specific needs
Java EE 7 Testing, Deployment, Automation and Code Quality
8 hours
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Training for 7-8 or more people? Customize trainings for your specific needs


Save Time With Pragmatic Tests – Adam Bien.

Who cares whether we test first, last or in between?
All measures leading to less bugs and higher quality are highly welcome. This workshop covers from Unit Tests, over mocking, to Integration-, System-, Stress- and Functional Tests with Focus On Java EE 7 in a dogma-free fashion.

Just good coverage is not enough, only a high degree of automation reduces bugs without negatively impacting the productivity.

In this workshop Adam will explain the agenda with working build and deployment pipelines. The participants will discuss the approaches to real world testing, automation and optimizations on real world code and in real time. 

As a reference, every participant will get a GIT repository with all samples and solutions, as well as the prepared sample applications. Also a GIT repository is going to be used throughout the course, so you will be able to synchronize your projects at any time. (ZIP snapshots will be available as well in nearly real time :-) ) 

You will spend 40% of the time with code and the remaining part discussing best practices, hacks and workarounds.

Speaker Adam Bien is an architect and developer in Java (SE / EE / FX) projects. He has worked with Java technology as freelancer since JDK 1.0, with Servlets/EJB since 1.0 and before the advent of J2EE in several large-scale applications. 

Adam had edited several books about JavaFX, J2EE, and Java EE, and he is the author of Real World Java EE Patterns—Rethinking Best Practices and Real World Java EE Night Hacks—Dissecting the Business Tier. He is writing books and articles during his travels and sometimes even unproductive meetings.

In his leisure he participates in the JCP as an Expert Group member for the Java EE 6 and 7, EJB 3.X, JAX-RS, CDI, and JPA 2.X JSRs. 

Adam is also a Java Champion, NetBeans Dream Team Founding Member, Oracle ACE Director, Java Developer of the Year 2010 and he was chosen by attendees of his sessions as JavaOne 2009 and double 2011, 2012 and tripple 2013 Rock Star.

Adam is a regular speaker on different conferences, but “…I’m neither a professional speaker nor writer”- he says, - “I'm just really enjoying to write code...and Java is perfect for that.”

Course price:
From November, 1 till December, 14, 2014 – 155 EUR; 
From December, 15, 2014 till January, 15, 2015 – 177 EUR
From January, 16 till February, 16, 2015 – 202 EUR.
After completing the course, a certificate
is issued on the Luxoft Training form


Pragmatic, Simple and Fast Maven Builds.
Beyond Maven: deployment and provisioning.
Unit Testing with JUnit:
  • Parameterized tests;
  • Mocking with mockito;
  • Testing Java EE 7 with JUnit.
Automation with Jenkins:
  • Build Pipelines with Jenkins;
  • Promotion and Deployment;
  • Deployment Process Orchestration;
  • Useful Plugins and Hacks;
  • Performance Tuning and Repository Manager Integration.
Integration Testing:
  • Killer Use Cases for arquillian;
  • Plain JUnit For Integration Tests?
  • dbunit use cases.
UI and Acceptance Testing:
  • UI testing with Graphene and a bit Selenium;
  • PhantomJS and CasperJS.
System Tests or Back To Reality:
  • Automatic Server Setup and Deployment;
  • System Tests with JUnit, Java 8 ...and JavaScript?
Stress and Load Tests:
  • Implementation and Monitoring strategies;
  • Nightly Stress Tests with JMeter.
"Business" Traceability.
Functional Integrated Testing with or without Fitnesse.
Parameterized Functional Tests.
  • Continuous Quality Assurance;
  • Rule Adjustments and Customization for JavaEE;
  • Jenkins + Sonar = The Dream Team.

...prepare some questions!

Beyond Java – Useful tools:
  • Vagrant;
  • Virtual Box / VMWare;
  • docker.

You will need a modern laptop with pre-installed JDK 1.8, GIT-client, and Maven 3 to get the most from this workshop. The rest of the environment will be installed with the trainer in the first 10 minutes.

Target Audience

Java developer, test automation engineer, project manager, test manager.


Java EE good knowledge.
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