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[JVA-017] Effective Java
During this course, the participants will receive knowledge and skills needed for effective and efficient development on the Java SE platform. We will cover 12 modules, examining the effective and optimal usage of Java features in practice,

[ARC-004] Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
This is a training course on corporate application development. The course contains a detailed description of specific typical solutions. Each solution contains information on the application and basic aspects of implementation.

[JVA-076] Java Advanced II: High Performance Java
This course focuses on improving the performance of Java applications: identifying bottlenecks, approaches / methods for improving performance, and tools / libraries to achieve high performance.

[BI-002] Tableau Desktop Basics
This course is an introduction to the Tableau Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Training on Tableau Desktop Basics will help develop basic skills in data analysis and visualization for students with an initial level of analytical knowled

[BI-001] MS Power BI: Basics
This training covers some practical methods for creating and managing reports for business users by preparing data and visualizing information.

[ADM-019] Docker Fundamentals
This course covers essential information about Docker: installation, essential usage, image creation, swarm, services, and stack.

[ARC-001] Software Architecture Methodology
This course defines the foundations of software architecture, examines the role of a software architect in developing projects, and implements practices related to the design, documentation, and analysis of software architecture. Students

[REQ-055] Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
The training is designed and developed for business analysts and other experts involved in the process of requirements analysis and design definition.

[FIN-042] Securities Clearing and Settlement
The course covers key elements of Securities Clearing and Settlement.

[FIN-005] Basics of Financial Markets. Fixed Income and Fixed Income Derivatives.
The training is aimed to provide trainees with basic theoretical knowledge and skills needed for project activities that require knowledge of subject area. Case studies are included in study materials.

[FIN-003] Basics of Financial Markets. Money Market and Interest Rate Derivatives
This training offers a deeper knowledge of the Money Market and its derivatives. Case studies are included in study materials.

[FIN-085] Trading: Core Principals
This training covers the core principals of trading. Participants will get an understanding of financial instruments features, details of trade and stages of the trading lifecycle, plus how to calculate risk and return of financial instrume

[FIN-075] Credit Risk
The course gives a general understanding of credit risk, its types and possible ways of its management.

[FIN-073] Financial Technology
The course gives key features of FinTech.

[FIN-045] Liquidity risk
The course helps the audience understand the major issues related to liquidity risk.

[FIN-034] Hedge Funds
The course gives a key features of hedge funds 

[FIN-030] Securities Lending
The course gives key features of Securities Lending.

[FIN-029] Private Banking and Wealth Management
The course gives key features of Private Banking and Wealth Management.

[FIN-027] Portfolio Management
The course gives a basic understanding of the asset and portfolio management process.

[FIN-017] Market Risk
The course gives a general understanding of market risk, its types, ways of management, and regulation.

[FIN-001] Introduction to Financial Markets
Financial markets have an important impact on people’s lives. We all have to buy and sell different securities, save, invest, or borrow money. For these reasons, we need to understand how financial markets work.

[OFFICE-006] MS Word Module 1: Intermediate
This training covers the ability to create and manage documents; insert and format text, paragraphs, and sections; manage tables and lists; create and manage references; and insert / format graphic elements in MS Word.

[OFFICE-012] MS Excel: Tips and Tricks
This training covers useful features of MS Excel for day-by-day use, some unusual technics and special features that can be helpful when you work with Excel.

[OFFICE-011] MS Excel. Financial Functions
This training covers the ability to use financial functions in MS Excel. You will get basic knowledge about financial topics related to these functions, examine real-life situations highlighting when these functions are most useful, and com

[OFFICE-008] MS Outlook
This training covers features of MS Outlook that are necessary for managing application settings, creating and managing messages, appointments, meetings, contact records, and tasks as you would in a typical business environment.

[WEB-022] Angular Advanced
This course continues the basic Angular course and is intended for developers who already have experience of using this framework. It focuses on advanced themes, which will enable you to increase the efficiency of development and improve th

[DEV-001_C++] C++ Design Patterns
When developing software systems, developers make a lot of decisions, which at first glance, are unique. . But, much of what they "invent" is already practiced in a variety of projects. These are the design patterns. The trainings consider

[BI-004] MS Power BI: Basics of DAX
This training covers principles of using basic DAX functions in Power BI to visualize data effectively.

[PM-007] Risk Management

[SQA-052] REST API Test Automation
This course offers an introduction to automated testing – students will learn in practice how to design and develop automated tests for REST services by using Rest Assured and Retrofit 2 libraries.

[JVA-073] Java Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
During the course, participants will attain the knowledge and skills needed for effective and efficient development of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) projects with Java.

[DEV-009_JVA] Test-Driven Development (TDD) in Java
An introduction to one of the engineering practices of Agile development - test-driven development (TDD).

[JVA-075] Spring Advanced
How to use Spring REST, HATEOAS and CORS, documenting REST services, serializing and limiting the data passed to the client and more.

[SS-136] Managing Multinational Teams
The aim of this course is to provide participants with an understanding of the main aspects of intercultural collaboration. We will explore cultural differences and learn about the mechanisms behind them. As a result, each of the participan

[SQA-033] Introduction to Performance Testing
This theoretical course offers an introduction and in-depth look at Performance Testing, covering essential concepts, test planning, data preparation, and execution strategies. It emphasizes the importance of realistic test scenarios, under

[REQ-051] BABOK:Business Analysis. Planning and Monitoring
The training elaborates on the tasks related to selecting an approach to business analysis for a project, defining required activities and assessing their complexity, identifying stakeholders and planning their engagement, planning requirem

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