Active listening. What benefits it can bring to corporate communication.

Active listening. What benefits it can bring to corporate communication.

Active listening

Active listening is the ability to not only hear what is being said but also to understand its meaning. And it is the first step to effective communication. Coaches and therapists cannot be effective without this skill, so let's see what benefits it can bring to corporate communication.

This skill is necessary in situations such as providing feedback, clarifying client requirements, resolving conflicts, negotiations and motivating employees. Let's expand our knowledge of active listening!

Active listening benefits:

  1. Builds rapport
  2. Shows the speaker that they’re being heard and understood
  3. Helps grasp the underlying meaning behind what someone says
  4. Supports the other person in expressing information, emotions and intentions more effectively

Active listening mistakes:

  1. Preparing your response instead of focusing on the speaker
  2. Habitually nodding without truly engaging with the speaker's message
  3. Interrupting and not allowing the speaker a chance to express themselves
  4. Arguing rather than seeking an understanding
  5. Judging the speaker’s words or actions
  6. Offering advice instead of empathizing with the speaker’s perspective

Levels of understanding:

  1. Grasping the content and information being conveyed
  2. Recognizing and empathizing with the emotions expressed
  3. Uncovering the deeper meanings and significance behind the communication

Active listening skills:

  1. Give the other person an opportunity to speak
  2. Show nonverbal signs that you are listening attentively — no checking your phone or email
  3. Maintain eye contact
  4. Be friendly
  5. Paraphrase the information you’ve heard
  6. Reflect the emotions expressed by the person in words and nonverbal signs
  7. Voice the important meanings and senses you got from the person

Practice task:

Start by practicing active listening with your close friends. Throughout the week, practice active listening in conversations, and following the conversation, ask for feedback.


Kateryna Zhuk
Soft Skills Team Leader, Trainer 

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