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Elevate your team's skills while enjoying incredible savings! Join forces and enroll as a group in any Luxoft course to unlock exclusive discounts. 

A team of 5 earns a 15% discount, while a group of up to 15 secures a 20% discount. 

Don't miss this chance to grow together and save big. The more you learn, the less you pay.

Important dates and commitments

Campaign duration: Now until June 1, 2024

Clients should commit to a specific number of courses by June 1, 2024

Invest in your growth with Luxoft Training

Contact us by June 1, 2024, commit to a specific number of courses and embrace the path to success at discounted prices

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An impressive 97% of our participants rate our training a perfect 10 when asked if they would recommend it to a friend or colleague. That's a testament to the high quality and satisfaction our training delivers.

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