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[SECR-005] OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities
This course is focused on developers, QA’s, Architects, Business Analysts and Security Analysts and contains a detailed description of the top ten security vulnerabilities associated with OWASP for web applications.

[SQA-012] Twister Test Automation platform
Twister is an automated testing framework that helps users with building functional, regression and load test suites.

[PTRN-014] Lean-Kanban software development: a new breakthrough approach to deliver quality software on time
This master class provides an introduction to the Lean-Kanban WIP-limited approach, and the consequent pipeline-based approach to software development.

[SQA-013] Performance testing using jMeter: from the start of the project to the final report
This training will help participants understand the full cycle of activities of a test team starting from customer negotiation to discovering their needs and requirements and preparing summary reports and result analysis.

[SQA-017] Functional Testing Automation with Selenium 2
This is an automation testing training course that helps participants discover Selenium 2 and how to use it. We will have a short introduction of the theory of test automation, practice some simple tests and performs an analysis of typical

[SQA-019] Test Automation using TestComplete 9
This is an automation testing training course that provides information about the main functional features of TestComplete 9 and also helps participants understand testing automation basics.

[TLC-006] IPv6 General
This training provides a detailed overview of the new version of IP, offering a structured presentation of the IPv6 protocol and the new concepts it introduces.

[DB-002] Oracle® 11g: Performance Tuning of SQL Expressions
The course describes the methodology that can be used for solving various performance problems related to Oracle® SQL – more specifically the 11g version.

[651] Zavialova

[655] Shmelova

[666] Beisenov

[671] Morenets

[673] Koval

[685] Chmiel

[694] Bobocea

[703] Yushchenko

[760] Savchenko

[551] Alexandrov

[554] Belin

[556] Doniy

[569] Luchkov

[571] Lapin

[574] Kruchkova

[577] Stashenko

[585] Pryimak

[588] Petrov

[599] Yudenko

[616] Treit

[622] Urmazova

[632] Krakovetskiy

[633] Zvonov

[638] Desyatkov

[640] Movchanyuk

[644] Polovinkin

[645] Povolyashko

[646] Reshta

[647] Kochergin

[SQA-026] Introduction to Software Testing
This training is a great introduction to software testing. We’ll cover topics such as the definition of testing, necessity of testing, verification & validation, software development lifecycles, testing types and levels, and defects (how to

[784] Marineci

[788] Suslov

[766] Brzusnian

[770] Sitaru

[771] Lungu

[780] Badiu

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