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[SS-079] Successful Delegation Skills
Our training provides managers with the necessary tools and abilities required to successfully delegate tasks to team members and colleagues.

[WEB-020] Angular 5. Practical Seminar
Our training includes all basic Angular concepts such as modules, services, routes, components, forms and also Angular and Jasmine testing tools.

[ATL-002] Getting More from Jira Software
This course focuses on the Agile project team. Project Managers and Product Owners learn how to turn customer feedback into a well-organized backlog and how to ensure that estimation statistics are giving them the information they need.

[ATL-006] Jira Administration Part 2: Taking it to the next level
This training follows the Jira Administration Part 1 course. It continues the same case study and goes deeper into the administration tasks covered in Part 1, focusing on Jira Software and Jira Core.

[ATL-012] Jira/Confluence Integration
In this course, participants learn how to use Jira and Confluence together in ways that enable teams to manage projects seamlessly across the two applications.

[ATL-004] Jira Essentials
In this course, participants learn how Jira is organized and gain hands-on experience working with the Jira application.

[ATL-009] Getting More from Jira Workflows
Learn how to configure and customize Jira workflows. You'll learn workflow best practices and how to find solutions to common workflow requirements using real business scenarios.

[ATL-007] Jira Administration: Getting a service desk up and running
Configuring and branding your customer portal, creating queues and SLAs for your service team, linking a knowledge base, adding participants and automating your service desk.

[ATL-011] Getting More from Confluence
In this course, participants will learn how to complete advanced user and space administration tasks that help them succeed when implementing a Confluence environment in their organization.

[REQ-037] Designing, Auditing and Testing of User Interfaces
This course assists participants in understanding main principles of designing the user experience (UX): methods of user studies, building and verifying their own hypotheses, as well as evaluating, auditing and testing user interfaces (UI).

[ATL-005] Jira Administration Part 1: Getting up and running
In this course participants learn the most important tasks required to set up a new Jira instance (Jira Software, Jira Core or Jira Service Desk). You get hands-on experience performing the administration tasks that are common to all three

[WEB-014] Angular 2
During this training we will cover the Angular 2 framework and how it is used to develop enterprise size web applications.

[FIN-047] Regulation Framework – Basel Accords
This course helps the audience understand the main aspects of the regulation environment pointing out the requirements of the Basel Accords, especially Basel II and Basel III.

[TLC-019] Applied Networking Protocols
In this training we look at Applied Networking Protocols (Static / Dynamic approach), in a practical manner with real-life examples over various networking topologies.

[FIN-025] Underwriting and IPOs
This training offers a basic understanding of underwriting and the IPO processes. Going public refers to a private company's initial public offering (IPO) which means from that point it becomes a publicly traded and owned entity. Businesses

[PTRN-024] Patterns and Practices of Effective Domain Modeling Master Class
The workshop goes through the definition of the DDD alphabet soup, compares and contrasts domain models with anemic models and relates a domain model to DTOs, real-world processes, business rules, and concrete technologies for persistence s

[SS-065] Essential Negotiations Skills for Engineers
In this workshop you will discover tools and techniques that help you improve the results of your negotiations.

[SS-064] Essential Negotiations Skills for Managers
In this workshop you will discover tools and techniques that help you improve the results of your negotiations and feel more in control of the process.

[REQ-035] Design of Software Systems – Best Practices
This introductory course explores the main approaches to handling risks associated with software projects - developed by analyzing thousands of successful and unsuccessful projects. These approaches are known as “best practices of software

[REQ-036] Introduction to Requirements Management
This introductory course deals with basic concepts such as stakeholder requests, product characteristics, software requirements (both functional and non-functional) and software management artifacts.

[REQ-001] Essentials of Visual Modeling with UML 2.x
This training is devoted to the study of the current version of UML language. During the training the most popular types of UML diagrams (Class, Use Case, Sequence, Communication, State Machine, and others) are discussed in detail.

[PTRN-028_ONL] Secure Coding in C and C++
The course concentrates on security issues intrinsic to the C and C++ programming languages and associated libraries. The intent is for this course to be useful to anyone involved in developing secure C and C++ programs regardless of the sp

[FSR-1] Financial Data Integration
During this course we will talk about the specific challenges you encounter in the process of financial systems development.

[SS-072] Coaching for Performance
This workshop provides participants with skills that help them build constructive relationships with their team which ensure a stronger level of commitment towards improving performance and achieving results that make a difference for the o

[ADM-007] Linux Essentials
The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the Linux operating system, mainly from the perspective of a system administrator. The focus is on practical skills backed by hands-on examples, but adequate theoretical notions ar

[SECR-005] OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities
This course is focused on developers, QA’s, Architects, Business Analysts and Security Analysts and contains a detailed description of the top ten security vulnerabilities associated with OWASP for web applications.

[PTRN-014] Lean-Kanban software development: a new breakthrough approach to deliver quality software on time
This master class provides an introduction to the Lean-Kanban WIP-limited approach, and the consequent pipeline-based approach to software development.

[SQA-013] Performance testing using jMeter: from the start of the project to the final report
This training will help participants understand the full cycle of activities of a test team starting from customer negotiation to discovering their needs and requirements and preparing summary reports and result analysis.

[SQA-027] School of testing. Part 3. Training Project on Testing
The course provides participants with practical skills for testing and documenting the results of this proces.

[WEB-002] Basic Use of XML, XPath, Altova®
The course describes the rules for correctly using XML to store information and the methods of retrieving the required information from XML with the help of XPath.

[WEB-006] Advanced Use of XSLT
The course shows participants how to use XSLT to transform information from XML.

[SQA-029] School of testing. Part 5. Test Design Practice
Practical exercises aim at mastering test design skills. We will cover concepts such as requirements analysis, specification, reviews as well as test cases design and test data design practices.

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