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[ADM-021] Working with Kubernetes: Basic Topics
Offers a complete overview of everything needed to start working with Kubernetes. What Kubernetes is about, an overview of Kubernetes architecture, the main components and services and how they come together to build infrastructure.

[SECR-010] Major Vulnerabilities in Web Application Security
This course is built as a detailed description with hands-on experience of today’s most common vulnerabilities: from OWASP Top-10 2021. Trainees will learn methods of static (including SAST) and dynamic (including DAST) identification an

[SECR-005] OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities
This course is focused on developers, QA’s, Architects, Business Analysts and Security Analysts and contains a detailed description of the top ten security vulnerabilities associated with OWASP for web applications.

[724] Mukhina

[371] How to Apply MBTI in HR: Motivation for every day
Any manager knows that motivated employees are the key to any company’s success. Yet it’s very difficult to make sure that people, with completely different characters, views, and needs, will share the company’s goals and work together

[246] Professional Standards in IT. Part 2
This is the second part of our article on the idea of professional standards in the IT industry.

[239] When a Shadow covers Agile
In my previous posts I described how the Personal Shadow of a manager can inhibit an Agile transformation process in organizations (though I didn’t use the word “Shadow”). Here I would like to discuss the idea of the Shadow in organizationa

[91] A little trick when working with ConcurrentDictionary
ConcurentDictionary has one specific feature: in some cases it may not behave exactly as you'd expect. Here is a small example. Let's say we need to do some small caching so that the results of an expensive calculation be taken from the cac

[74] Choosing the right technology for you project
Many of us have faced the challenge of choosing the optimal technology to develop a software product. The importance of this task cannot be underestimated. After all, the technology you choose will ultimately determine the funding that will

[58] Software Development Methods part 3
In this last part we will look at how the concepts of the nine situations, attack by fire and the use of spies apply to software development. We will also draw some conclusions on the ideas we have talked about in our three part series.

[31] Interview with Dino Esposito, the author of the book “Microsoft .NET: Architecting applications for the enterprise”
Luxoft Training presents an interview with Dino Esposito a .Net-guru, author of many books on .Net-programming, technical evangelist of Android development and Kotlin in JetBrains. In the interview Dino is talking about his master class &ld

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