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[WEB-018] JavaScript reactive programming with RxJS
We look at RxJS operators used for creating, transforming, filtering, combining and aggregating Observable streams.

[REQ-037] Designing, Auditing and Testing of User Interfaces
This course assists participants in understanding main principles of designing the user experience (UX): methods of user studies, building and verifying their own hypotheses, as well as evaluating, auditing and testing user interfaces (UI).

[WEB-019] Mobile applications development with React Native
Our training covers mobile development with the React Native framework and also provides the examples of iOS and Android applications built with React Native.

[WEB-014] Angular 2
During this training we will cover the Angular 2 framework and how it is used to develop enterprise size web applications.

[PTRN-024] Patterns and Practices of Effective Domain Modeling Master Class
The workshop goes through the definition of the DDD alphabet soup, compares and contrasts domain models with anemic models and relates a domain model to DTOs, real-world processes, business rules, and concrete technologies for persistence s

[FSR-3] Designing Meetings for Collaboration
This webinar is part of our IC Agile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation series.

[WEB-011] AngularJS
Our training course will help you develop your skills in working with this platform by teaching the basics of creating JavaScript server-side applications with the use of NodeJS and MongoDB.

[SQA-039] Test automation - advanced
Page Object is the most popular solution for Web test automation because when it is implemented in the framework it helps save time on any changes in the framework, increases test transparency and offers an easy to use API for test suits.

[REQ-035] Design of Software Systems – Best Practices
This introductory course explores the main approaches to handling risks associated with software projects - developed by analyzing thousands of successful and unsuccessful projects. These approaches are known as “best practices of software

[PTRN-028_ONL] Secure Coding in C and C++
The course concentrates on security issues intrinsic to the C and C++ programming languages and associated libraries. The intent is for this course to be useful to anyone involved in developing secure C and C++ programs regardless of the sp

[SECR-005] OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities
This course is focused on developers, QA’s, Architects, Business Analysts and Security Analysts and contains a detailed description of the top ten security vulnerabilities associated with OWASP for web applications.

[SQA-012] Twister Test Automation platform
Twister is an automated testing framework that helps users with building functional, regression and load test suites.

[SQA-013] Performance testing using jMeter: from the start of the project to the final report
This training will help participants understand the full cycle of activities of a test team starting from customer negotiation to discovering their needs and requirements and preparing summary reports and result analysis.

[SQA-017] Functional Testing Automation with Selenium 2
This is an automation testing training course that helps participants discover Selenium 2 and how to use it. We will have a short introduction of the theory of test automation, practice some simple tests and performs an analysis of typical

[WEB-002] Basic Use of XML, XPath, Altova®
The course describes the rules for correctly using XML to store information and the methods of retrieving the required information from XML with the help of XPath.

[WEB-003] Advanced Use of XSD
The course shows how to use XSD Schemes for XML.

[WEB-005] Basic Use of XSLT
The course teaches participants how to use XSLT to transform information from XML.

[WEB-006] Advanced Use of XSLT
The course shows participants how to use XSLT to transform information from XML.

[SQA-001] Usability Testing

[648] Degtiarenko

[649] Taranov

[651] Zavialova

[671] Morenets

[673] Koval

[703] Yushchenko

[705] Blinov

[555] Boboshko

[567] Maranik

[568] Lupan

[571] Lapin

[575] Krivosheev

[577] Stashenko

[584] Rebrov

[591] Nikiforov

[593] Murashov

[598] Yunusov

[604] Tsyganov

[619] Furgal

[633] Zvonov

[635] Shekhtman

[636] Gafurov

[637] Denisyuk

[638] Desyatkov

[3264] Balosin

[786] Timur

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