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[JVA-067] JUnit5
This course covers everything you need to know about JUnit5 (architecture and features), with examples and exercises to help participants practice everything they learned.

[JVA-043] Introduction to Spring Cloud
Spring Cloud is an umbrella project that enables the development of distributed applications with microservices architecture. In this course we review available components and also take a deep dive into its architecture and capabilities.

[JVA-017] Effective Java
The training explores new design patterns and language idioms, showing how to make the most of features ranging from generics to enums, annotations to autoboxing.

[JVA-013] Spring Security
This training offers participants an overview of the framework. You will learn how to build secured enterprise J2EE application using Spring Security framework.

[PM-031] Microsoft Project: Basics
This training introduces you to a project manager’s perspective on Microsoft Project. This set of software tools supports the management of all projects across an organization (i.e. enterprise project management). The training includes real

[DEV-007] Introduction to git
Our training program will allow you to hit the ground running in working with git, the world's most advanced Version Control System.

[ADM-009] Linux Shell Basics
The course covers the basics for Linux file systems – access permissions and structure, simple ksh scripting and common command line tools.

[EAS-027] Reinforcement Learning - from Fundamentals to Deep RL
Oriented towards python programmers or ML practitioners who want to understand the RL framework in detail.

[EAS-018] MongoDB For Programmers
This course delves into topics crucial for professional MongoDB use in practice, such as documenting NoSQL schemas, data indexing and optimization, transactions in MongoDB, implementing and managing role-based access control, working with t

[C-008] C++ Best Practices
Brief description This course is aimed at C++ developers at the beginner and intermediate levels. The content is built on best practices developed by the community, as well as industry standards for developing critical-safe applications.

[REQ-039] Business Process Modeling with BPMN - Advanced Level
This training intended for those who are already acquainted with the basics of BPMN notation and have some experience in business process modelling.

[AUT-042] Functional Safety Software & Hardware Analysis
This training was developed to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to perform Software and Hardware safety analyses using practical examples.

[AUT-038] Introduction to Automotive Cybersecurity for Managers
The training is developed to provide attendees with a basic knowledge and introduction to the Automotive Cybersecurity domain including an overview on the CSMS and ISO internal chapters

[AUT-037] Introduction to Automotive Cybersecurity
The training is developed to provide attendees with a basic knowledge and introduction to the Automotive Cybersecurity domain.

[AUT-030] Automotive Diagnostics
This training will describe Automotive Diagnostics and its usage during product development.

[AUT-017] Autosar Classic Fundamentals
This training is an introduction to the Automotive world and the AUTOSAR Standard. We provide an overview of the motivation and aims of the AUTOSAR consortium as well as information on the basic principles and technical concepts of the AUTO

[AUT-016] Intro to Functional Safety - ISO 26262 standard
During the course we will cover the ISO 26262 standard and its various parts.

[AUT-012] AUTOSAR Classic Platform Application Development
This training is aimed at professional software developers, software testers and software architects who work in projects whose activities are based on the methodologies and approaches provided by the AUTOSAR standard.

[AUT-006] Introduction into Automotive SPICE/ ASPICE
Introduction into Automotive SPICE, brief review of HIS Scope processes and their base practices, meaning of Capability Levels and conditions to achieve them.

[3262] Raś

[710] Cupet

[620] Tudose

[TLC-023] CCNP Switch® 300-115 Certification Preparation
The CCNP Switch® 300-115 Certification Preparation course is aimed at preparing participants for the 300-115 SWITCH® exam.

[843] Automotive

[ADM-022] AWS IaaS/PaaS Introduction
This training covers the basic services of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform: IAM, EC2, S3, VPC, VPN, ELB, RDS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail. It will allow you to design and deploy projects in AWS.

[BI-002] Tableau Desktop Basics
An introduction to the Tableau Business Intelligence (BI) platform that will help you develop basic skills for data analysis and visualization.

[3920] Automotive Engineer

[AUT-039] AUTOSAR Classic - MATLAB
DaVinci Developer fundamentals and exercise example, vARXML and CAN Mapping overview.

[AUT-028] LiDAR Perception for Autonomous Driving
This training covers classical point cloud processing methods for ADAS as well as deep learning based methods for Autonomous Driving.

[SQA-024] Defect Management
This course covers issues such as the quality of requirements, causes of defects, defect multiplication effect, defect and risk relation, and the importance of defect classification.

[SQA-047] Test automation using Cucumber
This training is developed to help you become familiar with the gherkin and cucumber frameworks designed for Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

[AUT-027] Working with Yocto
Yocto is an open-source project which allows for the creation of Linux-based Board Support Packages. Its introduction to Automotive Grade Linux has brought it more attention in the Automotive sector. This training gives you a solid understa

[ADM-020] Ansible Essentials
This course is designed as a journey through configuring a realistic application stack from the ground up using Ansible.

[EAS-012] Cassandra for Developers
Cassandra is an open source distributed, fault-tolerant, horizontally scalable, non-relational database management system featuring very fast writes and simple fast reads.

[EAS-016] BigData SQL Hive
This training is aimed at developers and covers the full stack of technical features, architecture and performance tuning. Apache Hive supports analysis of large datasets stored in Hadoop's HDFS and compatible file systems and it provides a

[OFFICE-002] MS Excel: Practical Course
Our training helps you understand the main MS Excel functions and how to use them.

[ATL-009] Getting More from Jira Workflows
Learn how to configure and customize Jira workflows. You'll learn workflow best practices and how to find solutions to common workflow requirements using real business scenarios.

[ATL-007] Jira Administration: Getting a service desk up and running
Configuring and branding your customer portal, creating queues and SLAs for your service team, linking a knowledge base, adding participants and automating your service desk.

[TLC-018] CCNP Route® 300-101 Certification Preparation
The CCNP Route® 300-101 Certification Preparation course gives participants the necessary hands-on experience to pass the simulations, testlets and simlets inside the 300-101 ROUTE exam.

[PTRN-024] Patterns and Practices of Effective Domain Modeling Master Class
The workshop goes through the definition of the DDD alphabet soup, compares and contrasts domain models with anemic models and relates a domain model to DTOs, real-world processes, business rules, and concrete technologies for persistence s

[SQA-039] Test automation - advanced
Page Object is the most popular solution for Web test automation because when it is implemented in the framework it helps save time on any changes in the framework, increases test transparency and offers an easy to use API for test suits.

[PTRN-028_ONL] Secure Coding in C and C++
The course concentrates on security issues intrinsic to the C and C++ programming languages and associated libraries. The intent is for this course to be useful to anyone involved in developing secure C and C++ programs regardless of the sp

[SS-072] Coaching for Performance
This workshop provides participants with skills that help them build constructive relationships with their team which ensure a stronger level of commitment towards improving performance and achieving results that make a difference for the o

[ADM-007] Linux Essentials
The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the Linux operating system, mainly from the perspective of a system administrator. The focus is on practical skills backed by hands-on examples, but adequate theoretical notions ar

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