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[4553] Virtual threads in Java 21
Virtual threads are a technology that has been in development for many years, and the Loom project has been working for about 10 years to provide support for virtual threads in Java. Finally, Java 21 introduced the ready-to-use implementati

[4559] Welcome to the nuanced world of software testing!
In the software industry, it's rare to see engineers eagerly approaching managers to initiate detailed planning, document drafting, risk assessment or to delve into the formalities of bureaucratic processes.

[JVA-030] New features of Java 8 (stream, API)
This training is designed to help participants understand these new features of Java 8. The course covers lambda expressions, data streams, stream data processing with map-filter-reduce approach, asynchronous programming and DateTime API.

[WEB-015] TypeScript Programming
TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language which is built on top of JavaScript. It includes a typing system to facilitate the validation of JavaScript applications.

[WEB-001] Introduction to Programming with JavaScript
An introduction to programming using JavaScript. It covers introductory HTML and CSS and the main JavaScript structures and concepts.

[SQA-028] School of testing. Test design
The course covers the basic concepts of test design, methodology of test case development based on UC, approaches to designing test plans and writing test scripts, as well as features of test plans for different types of testing.

[SQA-002] Web Application Testing
This course is dedicated to the specifics of web application testing. It deals with basic concepts and features of web applications, architecture and technologies used in their development, as well as problems that arise during various type

[SECR-010] Major Vulnerabilities in Web Application Security
This course is built as a detailed description with hands-on experience of today’s most common vulnerabilities: from OWASP Top-10 2021. Trainees will learn methods of static (including SAST) and dynamic (including DAST) identification an

[ARC-013] Enterprise Integration
The main focus of training is on asynchronous messaging through queues and integration patterns, and describing the basic elements of solutions built on classic message queues, such as IBM MQ, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, and modern tools such as Ka

[ARC-008] High-Performance Application Design
Since software developers often have to deal with problems of designing high-load systems to support big data processing with preset requirements to the response time and amount of data, this training will be useful not only for architects

[SS-098] Stress Management
We will review the causes of stress and ways to reduce its impact by using various methods of self-direction and life balancing.

[SS-070] First Time Manager
For a new manager, this course works like a compass: it gives you the sense of direction and the right course to get to your destination.

[SS-068] Problem Solving and Decision Making
If you want to improve your ability to efficiently address problems and make rational decisions, this workshop provides you with the tools to succeed.

[SS-004] Effective Written Communication
This training will help trainees deal with specifics of written communication, to create effective written messages and apply the principles of polite and convincing business communication. The knowledge they acquire will be reinforced by n

[OFFICE-003] Statistics in MS Excel
Our training is geared towards teaching participants how to use MS Excel in data analysis, hypothesis testing and time-series analysis.

[SDP-050] SAFe® Agile Product Management
This Agile Product Management course harnesses the power of Design Thinking to develop innovative solutions, using proven SAFe capabilities to execute those visions.

[SDP-045] SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM Certification)
Understand the role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe enterprise. By attending this course you can prepare for the SAFe 5 Scrum Master exam in order to receive the SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) certification.

[SDP-044] SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM Certification)
Develop the skillsets needed to guide the delivery of value in a Lean enterprise and learn about the activities, tools, and mechanics used to manage backlogs and programs.

[JVA-079] Java Microservices
This course covers the topic of developing microservices in Java. It starts from architectural principals of splitting an application into microservices, then discusses the communication of microservices via different protocols, as well c

[JVA-076] Java Advanced II: High Performance Java
Learn how to improve the performance of Java applications.

[JVA-073] Java Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
Participants will learn how to write their own applications, applying BDD principles and using JUnit5, Cucumber and JBehave.

[JVA-035] SOLID Design Principles
The seminar teaches the SOLID design principles with practical examples and builds together with an exercise that is continued throughout the training: writing an application in 5 sprints. The exercise shows how good design keeps the comple

[JVA-031] Programming with Scala
The course covers all the content that is necessary to effectively use Scala: operators and data types, using basic data structures such as arrays, map, tuples, the use of object-oriented and functional approach.

[PM-033] Combining Project Management Frameworks and Tools for Project Success
This course is focused on combining traditional and agile project management methodologies. During the training, participants will learn about various PMI PMBOK® approaches and Agile practices

[PM-031] Microsoft Project: Basics
This training introduces you to a project manager’s perspective on Microsoft Project. This set of software tools supports the management of all projects across an organization (i.e. enterprise project management). The training includes real

[PM-008] Management of Distributed and Virtual Teams
During this training, we’ll discuss models and tools needed in virtual team management and practice some exercises that can be used by managers and team leaders as teambuilding tools.

[PM-007] Risk Management
This course is designed to give project managers the necessary knowledge and skills to manage risks by offering them a precise understanding of the subject and best practices in software development projects.

[DEV-040] Golang
This is a basic course in the Go programming language. It provides an overview of basic data types, control flow constructs, specifics of programming style, and built-in compiler tools.

[FIN-075] Credit Risk
The course gives a general understanding of credit risk, its types and possible ways of its management

[FIN-074] Blockchain Technology in Financial Markets
The course gives key features of the FinTech.

[FIN-072] Cryptocurrencies
The course teaches key features of Cryptocurrencies

[FIN-071] Exotic Options
The course gives a key features of different types of exotic options

[FIN-070] Investment Companies
The course gives key features of the investment companies’ activities.

[FIN-058] Technical Analysis
The course helps the audience understand the basic principles of Technical Analysis by studying the major chart patterns and the most popular mathematical indicators used by analysts.

[FIN-054] Options Trading Strategies
The course covers key elements of Options Trading Strategies 

[FIN-053] Futures: Multi-Leg Transactions
Economics, finance, financial markets, securities 

[FIN-050] Yield Curves
The course covers key features of yield curves

[FIN-049] Commodities and Commodity Derivatives
The course covers key features of commodities and commodity derivatives

[FIN-045] Liquidity risk
The course gives a key features of Structured products

[FIN-037] Custodians
The course gives a key features of the Custodians services

[FIN-036] Trade Lifecycle
The course gives a key features of the Trade Lifecycle

[FIN-034] Hedge Funds
The course gives a key features of hedge funds 

[FIN-032] Prime Brokerage
The course gives a key features of prime brokerage

[FIN-030] Securities Lending
The course gives a key features of Securities Lending

[FIN-029] Private Banking and Wealth Management
The course gives a key features of Private Banking and Wealth Management

[FIN-027] Asset and portfolio management
One of the biggest challenges faced by individuals and institutions is deciding how to invest for their future needs. For individuals, the goal might be to fund their retirement needs. For institutions such as insurance companies, the goal

[FIN-023] Introduction into Derivatives
The course gives a basic understanding of such derivative contracts as forwards, futures, options, swaps

[FIN-018] Options
The scope of this training session is to answer the most important questions related to options – the main attributes of the option’s trade, types of options as well as option exercise styles. The course also covers types of options with re

[FIN-017] VaR and Market Risk
In this training we deal with concepts such as risk management in investment banking, risk factor modelling, quantitative estimation of market risk with VaR approach, sensitivity calculation and sensitivity usage for the PnL calculation of

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